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BCA Periodic Façade Inspection (PFI)

Periodic Façade Inspection (PFI) Introduction

BCA Periodic Façade Inspection (PFI)

With a large number of fallings facades (due to workmanship, wear and tear, weather or malfunction) over the years that injured pedestrians, Periodic Façade Inspection has become a statutory requirement for all buildings 13m above ground level. The Interval for this test is every 7 years for any structure in Singapore.


At Stellar Structures, Professional Engineer and CP Façade : Aman Aboobucker leads the team with a highly qualified drone pilots, certified façade inspector (FI) and rope access technicians. Where buildings are below 4 storeys, scissor or boom lift might be used depending on work safety health (WSH) requirements. We provide a full turn-round service for PFI works.

BCA Periodic Façade Inspection (PFI)
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At Stellar Structures, we provide full service from start to end for the PFI notice, no additional works or variation orders due are expected by the client and rest assured of good service and client updates every 2-4 weeks on the progress of the project.


We have completed a number of projects in Singapore including shophouses, high rise residential buildings (30 storeys), industrial in Tuas, and commercial buildings in Singapore CBD.



Step 1)

Obtain a quotation and appoint a competent person (CP Façade) whom is a Professional Engineer (PE)

Step 2)

CP Façade will purchase as built plans from BCA via BCA PPS system. If the owner/developer has the full BCA as built systems, you may save cost here and provide all the drawings via soft copy only.

Step 3)

CP Façade complete CP Appointment form to BCA to notify BCA, and Drone pilots obtain CAAS permit clearance for drone flying.

Step 4)

As per CAAS permit dates, drone inspection progressed and is completed.

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Step 5)

Upon the drone report findings, CP façade will find 10 percent of the areas per face of a block to investigate further with 10% façade inspector close-up inspection. This will be conducted via rope access, gondola, boom lift or other methods approved.

Step 6)

Upon 10% findings complete, The PFI physical process is complete. CP façade will prepare the completed report and submit to BCA for evaluation.

Step 7)

If there is damage or replacement required, BCA will notify the building owner via a separate notice to conduct façade repairs. For this stage, Stellar Structures works with a number of façade contractors to help the client on this matter.


Minimum Timeline for BCA PFI

*The CP Façade will write for extension to the Authority when required if more time is required. The client is rest assured to be in good hands.

  • Appointment of CP Façade, Purchase of As builts, and CAAS permit approval: 2 weeks
  • Drone Inspection: 1-3 weeks depending on CAAS permit dates
  • Close-up Façade Inspection via rope access and boom lift: 1-4 weeks depending on number of blocks.
  • Completion of Façade report: 2-3 weeks upon the full completion of physical works.

Factors for this works:

What affects the timeline works for PFI is:

a)  Weather

b) Height of building

c)  Condition of façade and maintenance regime

d) CAAS permit regulations and client coordination with stakeholders/residents to the building units.