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BCA PTU: Signage

“A great signage is a sign of great business”

Stellar Structures provides PE endorsement for signages for commercial, residential, businesses and ever town councils where the area of each signage is <10m2. We do the design, connection points to the ground or existing building.

For signage that is >10m2 in area, by statutory regulation an advertising license is required by BCA. This is to be submitted by a professional engineer to BCA officially under temporary signage submission and each permit has a maximum 3 years life-span.

For existing signages looking to extend/renew their license, if a drawing is not available from a client, we work with our contractor partners to do inspection via rope access, boom lift, scissor lift to inspect the condition of the signages for deterioration and wear & tear signals.

If you are looking to install a new signage or renew your existing signage in Singapore we can help you.

Some of our signage partners we works with:

BCA PTU: Signage

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