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Our FSSD Submission Experience

Typical Fire plan submission process

(takes between 1-3 weeks for the full process)

  • Review of site layout plans, photographs and type of work done (ie.
  • Installation of mezzanine, partitions etc.), including site visit by fire engineer
  • Preparation of Building Plan (BP submission)
  • Preparation of Fire Protection Plan (FP submission)
  • Mechanical ventilation plan by Mechanical PE (if required)
  • Submission of plan and SCDF fee
  • Obtain notice of approval (NOA)
  • Architect Registered Inspection (RI Archi) and Mechanical Registered
  • Inspector (RI Mechanical) to sign RI forms
  • Fire Safety certificate application

For Minor Additions and Alterations (MAA submission) – it only involved the alterations of internal fittings and applies to only a certain purpose group specified by the SCDF Fire Code. For Solar Panel installation submissions, MAA submission is accepted.



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SCDF / FSSD Submission Services
SCDF / FSSD Submission Services
SCDF / FSSD Submission Services

    Requirements for Fire Safety Certificate

    • Change in design and layout of plans and fire compartmentation
      or means of escape
    • Relocation of fire sprinklers, installation of partitions, hose reels or exit signs

    SCDF waiver submission

    If a layout plan or building does not comply to the latest fire codes, new fire fighting measures will need to be introduced. However where there is an impossible task such as a shophouse having 1 exit, instead of 2 exits required by Fire code, hence a waiver has to be seeked to SCDF and works based on case to case issues.