AMAN Engineering Consultancy Pte Ltd


” If you are a contractor/owner and you are looking for a reliable and efficient PE partner for structural works endorsement and to help you deal with the relevant authorities administrative and submission works. AEC is the go-to-person. Before engaging him, I had a PE who isn’t responsive to my queries & really didn’t understand my needs & they place money where their mouth is. Working with AEC, they have been responsive to my queries and often go the extra mile to ensure that I have a proper understanding of what the job really entails. I had a great time working with them and I highly recommend them to you if you are looking to increase your productivity level in your business. “

Sherman Tay 

Maelstrom Engineering Pte Ltd

“I was trying to get a professional PE to submit drawings to BCA and HDB for a railing works .After asking around and getting various quotes I felt that those quotes are so expensive for a small job and so I surfed the net and chanced upon AECs very impressive website. I called AEC to check the railings (safety barriers). In summary Good experience with him and follow up service was done. Delivery was on time. He is so far the most affordable price in town. “

Serene Goh
Housing Property Agent representing HDB owner

“It’s was great to get your contact for our PE Endorsement. The response from you was superb and you never hesitated to attend my call after continues call in of updating design. The project was for a roller shutter PE endorsement. Within a day I received your support and I got the drawing which is great help from you. Hope to work together for all my future project endorsement.”

Ferco Engineering for Roller Shutter Works

“As a Roof builder, obtaining Authorities approval prior to my works are very common and these approvals are often super tough to reach. But AEC just simplify it by a thousand times! Making sure from documentation to submission is all done up meticulously. Recommended!”

Gary Lim
2EZ Builders Pte Ltd

“Was recommended by another Contractor that AEC can handle the fire protection works and SCDF submissions. Got in contact and we started the project within 3 days with all submission, information moving ahead in design! We had no as-built information of our mezzanine and AEC just got it all done up for us! Whatsapp him and he will get back to you fast!”

Mr. Chia 
Electrical Contractor

“Found AEC from the BCA list of consultants for periodic inspection list (PSI). They did a swift site visit job, and got the report done within a week of contacting him. It was approved by the Authority without any questions and he gave us the recommendations for the repairs. Simple, effective and clean work! I highly recommend him for his professionalism”

Mr. Kwek 
Double Storey  Owner

“Been working with AEC for about 2 years where they provide URA, BCA and SCDF submissions for Mezzanine/Loft Works as well as Trellis jobs. if you have a similar job – find AEC and they will get it done perfectly without any worries or complexity.”

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